Third Year Dance Dissertation – University Theatre

Third year dance dissertation – University Theatre

I had been assigned as a steward to work as a front of house team for various third year dance dissertations but this one particularly caught my eye.

The girls really paid attention to detail as they set up a bar with free wine and snacks and pegged beautiful personalised invitations up for all the guests.

The piece was a fantastically crafted interactive dance performance in which they had transformed the theatre into a completely different venue. When entering though the door to the stall they had built a corridor leading down to a small, intimate room with just a frame. The curtain behind then lead to the next section containing a table and chairs, a poker table, a dressing table and a tent. By this time I was really anxious to see what this performance was going to be all about.

The show itself was based on the theories of communication including body language, social taboos and common social activities creating friendly and awkward situations in the form of dance and drama. The 4 girls were perfectly rehearsed and obviously put a great deal of thought and work in into their production unlike some of the others I saw.

The overall performance was exciting and funny yet awkward explaining why it was an exclusive audience of friends and family who all knew each other. I was glad I watched from the balcony but I feel I wouldn’t have got the same experience as the people involved as it was very interactive.

An outstanding performance and I hope these graduates go far!


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