Improbable Fiction – Wymondham Studio Theatre

Improbable Fiction – Studio Theatre, Wymondham

To my surprise, a Thursday night and nothing worth seeing is happening in Norwich bar ‘Peppa Pig’s Big Party.’ I blame this on the up and coming Norfolk and Norwich festival happening in May and the fact that the Easter Holidays are always based on children’s entertainment.

Though, in the small market town of Wymondham where I live I find that the venue I steward is showing a play by the “Wymondham Players” a group of amateur performers from the area who receive no funding for their projects. Wymondham Studio Theatre is probably the best equipped place for performances in the town with its collapsible teir seating, high tech light and sound booth and central location. It is, however, part of the high school which doesn’t put many people off but it does smell like school dinners and you find the occasional piece of chewing gum in unexpected places.

The show was a sell out bar a few seats at the very back but for its second night I would consider that a success. The audience showed the majority of the demographic of Wymondham with the grey hair and walking sticks, which did make moving around the venue a little slow and frustrating. We were the youngest people there by far with majority being ages 45-80.

The show was catered for this audience too. Although I did find it enjoyable I found the humour very obvious and slapstick. There were also a few literarily educated jokes thrown in their too which only half the audience understood. For a group of amateur actors I thought the play was outstanding. A few technical errors, forgotten lines and dodgy accents were soon forgotten by slapstick humour, amazingly quick costume changes and fantastic acting. Particularly by Rachael Carpenter who played Ilsa, Pete Harrold who played Arnold and Paul Goldsmith who played Clem.

Wymondham Players as an organisation are inspirational as they obviously have gained a lot of support by the public. For an unfunded group they put on an extremely professional show in terms of marketing, casting, set design, costume and fund raising. I also learned that a friendly stewards and a warm welcome make all the difference. I will definitely be seeing one of their performances again.


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