Guinean Dance Workshop with Idrissa Camera

Guinean Dance – Bristol – 11th February

Halston Drive Community Centre

After seeing many workshops taught by Idrissa Camera and looking for something fun to do in the Bath area I decided to try Guinean dancing.

The workshops took place in Halston Drive Community Centre – if you don’t know where that is, dont worry, nobody else does either. It is located down a dark alley in the middle of ghetto Bristol; the taxi driver was reluctant to get out of the car in that area. I entered the building to find it just as any community centre, but in an L-shape which doesnt have great use for a dance workshop as much of the time only two of us could see the teacher. This may seem shocking but there were only 3 of us there in total and I think the only publicity was through Idrissa’s Facebook account.

The lesson itself was fantastic and Idrissa was an inspiring and friendly teacher with many stories to tell but the production of the event was below standard. At the end of the workshop he claimed he was trying to change venues but phoned me up the next day telling me that they were discontinuing the workshops, which did not suprise me.

I chose to write about this particular event as this type of community workshop projects are they type of things I would like to do in the future and it fustrated me that the promoter organised it so badly. From september I am going to try and set up a series of workshops for Idrissa in Bath if I can find the money and audience to do it, mainly so that I can join in myself.  



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