Adelaide’s Cape EP Launch – The Luminaire, London

Adelaide’s Cape EP Launch – Luminaire, Kilburn, London

Unfortunately I can’t waffle on about how surreal yet exciting this weekend was involving an amazingly helpful Nigerian bus driver, getting lost in London, a missing band member and missing our coach back to bath, but I can talk about the gig.

The weekend of 6th March was the launch of our EP ‘Last Sleep in Albion’ and to celebrate we played a headline gig at The Luminaire in Kilburn, London.

The lineup included us (Adelaide’s Cape), the amazing Pete Roe, Brighton based Laish and fellow Norwich dweller Alex Sheppard.

The atmosphere was overall quite strange, not in a bad way though. The crowed were mellow and attentive and most say on the floor to enjoy and engage in the music. It felt like an outdoor festival rather than a dingy London venue.

The Luminaire is a really nice place to perform. Red velvet making it elegant and luxurious combined with hard edges and block black giving it a dingy yet modern vibe.

Unfortunately the lovation let us down this time being the weekend that the only tube line to the venue was undergoing ‘routine maintenance.’ This meant we didn’t quite get the crowd we were hoping for but we made enough to pay for the venue and the band expenses which is all that really matters as it was never about making a profit.

The other acts played brilliantly and I especially enjoyed Pete Roe’s set – nice guy too! The problem only came when bringing Alex on stage to sing a couple of songs with us – by which time she had had a little too much to drink. She sang out of tune and out of time but luckily the audience saw the funny side.

Excellent weekend and a great start to the launch of the debut EP.


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